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Afsnit 5: Tillægsdækning for garn og noter i søen

  • § 17-29. Hvad forsikringen omfatter

    Forsikringen omfatter drivgarn og snurpenoter med nødvendigt tilbehør, som befinder sig i søen, og som tilhører forsikrede. Forsikringen omfatter dog ikke sensorer o.l.

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    Clause 17-29. Objects insured

    The distinction between objects which are on board the vessel and objects which are in the sea is commented on in further detail in the Commentary on Cl. 17-19 (b). The insurance does not cover any seines other than ring-nets in the water. The objects that are insured under the supplementary cove...

  • § 17-30. Farer som ikke dækkes/jf. § 2-8

    Foruden § 2-8 gælder:
    Assurandøren dækker ikke tab som skyldes:

    • at forsikringsgenstanden sætter sig fast i havbunden, medmindre dette skyldes et ukendt vrag eller ukendte vraggenstande,
    • mangler ved forsikringsgenstanden,
    • at fartøjet, dets tilbehør eller udstyr ikke var i forsvarlig stand som følge af slitage, tæring, råd, utilstrækkelig vedligeholdelse eller lignende årsager,
    • at forsikringsgenstanden har været i berøring med is, eller
    • normalt brug af forsikringsgenstanden.

    Forsikrede har bevisbyrden for, at tabet ikke skyldes farer som nævnt i (a) - (e).

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    Clause 17-30. Excluded perils/Ref. Clause 2-8

    The most common damage is that seines get caught on the sea bed. The insurers are prepared to cover such damage subject to the limitations that follow from sub-clauses (a) to (e). Such cover could actually be achieved by extending the Clause defining liability, while otherwise retaining the...

  • § 17-31. Selvrisiko

    For hvert enkelt havari fratrækkes det beløb, der er angivet i forsikringsaftalen.

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    Clause 17-31. Deductible

    The deductible shall be agreed on an individual basis and be stated in the insurance contract. The deductible shall also apply in the event of total loss.

  • § 17-32. Forsikredes pligter i havaritilfælde/jf. § 3-29

    Foruden § 3-29 gælder:
    Forsikrede skal sende meddelelse om havariet til fiskeri-inspektoratet med oplysning om, hvor og hvornår tabet fandt sted, mærker og alder, og andre oplysninger, der kan have betydning for at identificere de tabte redskaber.

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    Clause 17-32. Duties of the assured in the event of a casualty/Ref. Clause 3-29

    The purpose of the provision is to make it possible to identify lost objects if they are recovered. This provision comes in addition to the ordinary duty to notify the insurer in Cl. 3-29. In the event of a failure to comply with this duty, Cl. 3-31 shall apply. The text was slightly amended in t...